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Multi-Purpose Field

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The construction sizes for multi-purpose outdoor field are generally 18×36 meters. They’re built based on the sizes of a tennis court area. However, multi-purpose outdoor sport fields smaller or bigger in dimension can be built in separate sizes for areas with dense number of youth and kids like housing estates or schools. In brief, it can be implemented depending on the sportive area reserved in the project, at desired sizes and for desired sport branches.

  • Multi-purpose synthetic turf floor (with heights of 18 – 20 – 22 – 25 – 30 mm)
  • Acrylic flooring (with heights of 3 – 4 mm),
  • Cushion acrylic flooring (acrylic flooring with rubber granule additive)
  • EPDM or Tartan tiling layers

Please contact us to learn more about the multi-purpose outdoor sport field built with artificial turf flooring, EPDM granule flooring multi-purpose field and their meter square costs and the acrylic flooring cost.

Bosphorus Sport

Which Places Multi-Purpose Sport Fields Are Preferred At?

Housing Estates: Housing estates are the possible places of use for multi-purpose fields. They’ll be a contribution in all aspects for youth and kids living in these estates to spent their time with sports and have fun and do physical exercise at the same time. Besides, these kind of social activity areas increase the sales/rental prices of housing estates.

Parking and Picnic Areas: With the activities available in multi-purpose areas, you can make the activities of the people more entertaining and become a reason for preference.

School Areas: There is usually not enough area in schools available for sport fields. For this reason, performing more than one sport in a single field, both saves up on area and allows kids to play more than one sport branch easily. With the help of multi-purpose fields, it’s possible to provide sufficient area and facility for students instead of setting up a separate field for every area.

Big Facilities: Even if the facilities are big enough, they may be insufficient for activities therefore multi-purpose fields should be preferred.

Generally preferred by public enterprises and private schools.

Being a field type made inside park and school yards, the multi-purpose field,

Can include a couple kinds of plays in it.

We carry out the multi-purpose field construction quite attentively and devotedly.

The field floorings may be implemented in various applications as acrylic, tartan or artificial turf.

Why Bosphorus Sport?

Quality workmanship is made by our own craftsmen. Materials to be used are in TSE and ISO9001 standards. FIFA standard synthetic turf is used for the field ground. As Bosphorus Sportive Construction we mutually negotiate with our customers about the Specifications of the materials we’ll be using before making the field. The iron construction materials of the multi-purpose field are 1st quality and completed with the workmanship of our expert teams.

The material and workmanship warranties of the fields we make, will be provided in accordance with the specifications. Completing an outdoor astro pitch, takes an average of 21-30 days depending on the field size, excluding the infra-structure. In case of any possible faults and deficiencies which may occur after the delivery of work, we quickly dispatch our teams to the field and solve the problem.

Multi-Purpose Fields

Multi-purpose fields are becoming more popular today. Multi-purpose outdoor sport areas may be used for a wide variety of sport activities depending on the request and expectations of the user. Multi-purpose sport fields can be set up in many various types:

  1. Soccer and volleyball sport field

  2. Basketball and soccer sport field


  3. Volleyball and basketball sport field


  4. Volleyball and tennis court sport field


  5. Soccer, volleyball and basketball sport field

Can be combined to have at least two sport branches as listed above and those listed above can be coupled with each other. People can have a good time and enjoy their activities in these fields.

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