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One of the oldest sport branches of the world dating back to Ancient Greece, athletics gains quite an attention also in Turkey. There are many various sub-branches in athletics which’s often recommended by experts for young people to have a healthy growing. For a sport branch that gains such attention, the track is important. An athletics track must be built with quality material and durable products. There are sandwich system athletics tracks, spray system athletics tracks and tartan flooring athletics tracks available in the market.

Sports like running, long jump, jumping, archery and shot put are exhibited in the athletics track.

Athletics track field grounds are safe grounds with reduced slipperiness.

A Professional athletics track should have the IAAF Class-1 certificate and IAAF Class-2 certificate. It should comply with DIN 18035 standards.

The athletics materials used in the athletics track should be IAAF certified. 

The first dimension of the sizes of an athletics track is the field length which’s 400 meters. The inside lane length of the track is 398 meters 11 cm. The track is composed of 7 lanes. Of the runner uses the outmost lane to run, he/she would make 453 meters. The lane width is 122 cm.

The common point here is to have an elastic ground.


Setting up an athletics track requires quite a professionalism, even the line drawing process of the track. There’s no room for amateurship or mistake in these kinds of sportive constructions. IAAF (International Associations of Athletics Federations) standards are quite strict and obtaining an IAAF license is quite difficult. All the norms should be perfectly fulfilled. Below is a list of items on how to make an athletics track. The steps of setting up an athletics track are as below;

  • The ground is made flat, cleared off any slopes and compacted. After the lower layer is made tight and flat, composite materials must be placed in a way to embody a drainage canal in it.

  • In the arrangements to be made for the ground slope together with elevation, a range between 0,5% to 0,7% should be taken into account. After placing the composite drainage materials, it would be possible to place the materials for the upper layers.

  • After these steps, the asphalt must be poured at a 10 cm height on the track with finished necessary infra-structure works. It’s highly important to form a flat asphalt layer. It’s not compulsory to use only asphalt material. In cases where you can’t obtain asphalt, it would also be suitable to pour and flat 10 cm height of concrete.

  • The most important thing to pay attention in creating a 10 cm height ground is the undulation and ensuring that there are no more than 3 millimeters of undulation all across the track.

  • With polymer application, a layer is prepared over the concrete ground, that will be left under the rubber layer. The bond between two zones is formed solidly.

  • The rubber SBR granule prepared with binder, must be poured onto the polymer.

  • SBR granules are poured in an 8-to-10-millimeter thickness and made sure to spread evenly. EPDM granules are poured for the top and the last layer in a 4-to-5-millimeter thickness.

  • Adjustments are made for both layers with hot machines. And finally, lines are drawn with line drawing machines and the track is made ready for service.

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The Properties of IAAF Approved Athletics Track Set Up

Coming at the first among the up-front requirements of IAAF approved athletics tracks, is the net 400 meters length of the tracks. Being way longer or way shorter, is not a situation in favor of the athletes. It’s a must to have a fixed 400 meters length in a full lap as required by the standards. Besides, you should not form tracks at different lengths such as 401 or 398.

In approved athletics tracks which have obtained required permissions and able to be used for professional purposes, a system is installed directly intended for drainage. It must be paid attention to have a first quality polyurethane material and composite material. In case it’s determined in the inspections that these materials are of poor quality, the approval is not given. And for it won’t have the characteristics of an IAAF approved track, it won’t be possible to hold various organizations. It’s not possible for every track to obtain the license for the compliance with standards. You can get assistance from our company while setting up a track and request special works to ensure compliance with required standards.

Another thing to consider for an IAAF certified athletics track other than the infra-structure, is the athletics track line. Even the line drawing may seem simple, it’s a thing which requires quite an attention. Any faults in line drawing makes it impossible for you to obtain a certificate. The measurement between the lanes must be same with each other. The athletics track line drawing must be made with a professional line drawing machine. It’s possible to have faults in manual line drawing works made by hand and may make it difficult to obtain a certificate.

Why Bosphorus Sport?

Designed in compliance with IAAF and international quality standards. Application is made with our own teams.

Athletics Track or Walking Trail Applications

Athletics track or walking trail is applied in a couple ways

  • Polyurethane Floor Athletics Track

  • Sandwich System Athletics Track

  • Spray Coating System Athletics Track

  • Tartan Floor Athletics Track

These application options are different from each other.

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