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Astro Pitches

For the first step of making a soccer field, you must figure out how much area you need for setting up an astro pitch and if you have a suitable area, at which sizes you’re willing to establish the field. 

You can get help from our professional teams in this. It would be sufficient to provide our expert teams with the detailed info whether your area corresponds to a mini field or an average standard field.

There are more than one size options for a commercial astro pitch. An astro pitch comes in specific sizes. The most widely used and suitable sizes for a commercial astro pitch are 30*50.

The given minimum and maximum sizes for commercial soccer fields vary. 

There’s not a net plain value for the size of a commercial field. The size in here depends on the sizes of the terrain.

The mini soccer field sizes are the astro pitch sizes mostly known as the smallest size. The areas of use of a mini field are different and may vary for they’re prepared for hobby purposes.

But once again, the field sizes are based on the sizes of the terrain even in a mini soccer field.

You can learn about the specifications from our site or by contacting our teams


Why Bosphorus Sport?

Materials to be used are in TSE and ISO9001 standards. FIFA standard synthetic turf is used for the field ground. Quality workmanship is made by our own craftsmen. As Bosphorus Sportive Construction we mutually negotiate with our customers about the Specifications of the materials we’ll be using before making the field. The iron construction materials of the outdoor astro pitch are 1st quality and completed with the workmanship of our expert teams.

The material and workmanship warranties of the fields we make, will be provided in accordance with the specifications. Completing an outdoor astro pitch, takes an average of 21-36 days depending on the field size, excluding the infra-structure. In case of any possible faults and deficiencies which may occur after the delivery of work, we quickly dispatch our teams to the field and solve the problem.

Generally Used Astro Pitch Sizes

15 x 30 meter = 450 m²

17 x 23 meter = 544 m²

18 x 36 meter = 648 m²

20 x 40 meter = 800 m²

25 x 40 meter = 1000 m²

25 x 45 meter = 1125 m²

27 x 47 meter = 1269 m²

28 x 48 meter = 1344 m²

30 x 50 meter = 1500 m²

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