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There are specific standard sizes for soccer fields. A professional soccer field must be measured up according to the sizes determined by FIFA. The FIFA approved soccer field sizes determined by FIFA, come with a few different sizes beginning with 45 to 90 meters with international standards specified by FIFA.

Astro Pitches

For the first step of making a soccer field, you must figure out how much area you need for setting up an astro pitch and if you have a suitable area, at which sizes you’re willing to establish the field. 

You can get help from our professional teams in this. It would be sufficient to provide our expert teams with the detailed info whether your area corresponds to a mini field or an average standard field.

Astro Pitches

There are no plain values for the sizes of an indoor astro pitch.

Indoor fields are made in a few different sizes. Generally preferred sizes are the ones allowing for a 2-team match with 7 players each.

Once again, the terrain sizes are designated as the basis value for indoor fields

Generally, we recommend for the indoor fields intended for commercial purposes to be at ideal sizes


The construction sizes for multi-purpose outdoor field are generally 18×36 meters. They’re built based on the sizes of a tennis court area. However, multi-purpose outdoor sport fields smaller or bigger in dimension can be built in separate sizes for areas with dense number of youth and kids like housing estates or schools. In brief, it can be implemented depending on the sportive area reserved in the project, at desired sizes and for desired sport branches.


One of the oldest sport branches of the world dating back to Ancient Greece, athletics gains quite an attention also in Turkey. There are many various sub-branches in athletics which’s often recommended by experts for young people to have a healthy growing. For a sport branch that gains such attention, the track is important. An athletics track must be built with quality material and durable products. There are sandwich system athletics tracks, spray system athletics tracks and tartan flooring athletics tracks available in the market.