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Telefon: +90 (212) 694 94 94 - +90 (538) 498 34 34

Regular Field


There are specific standard sizes for soccer fields. A professional soccer field must be measured up according to the sizes determined by FIFA. The FIFA approved soccer field sizes determined by FIFA, come with a few different sizes beginning with 45 to 90 meters with international standards specified by FIFA.

All steps will be inspected and certified by companies accredited by FIFA.

All the materials to be used should bear the criteria again specified by FIFA.

You can learn about the specifications in our site or by contacting our teams


Why Bosphorus Sport?

After establishing the field infra-structure and conducting the undulation test, the synthetic turf laying process is applied in comply with FIFA norms. The sand and granule to be used in this application are laid out with a machine again in comply with FIFA standards. Materials are in TSE and ISO9001 standards. As Bosphorus Sportive Construction we mutually negotiate with our customers about the Specifications of the materials we’ll be using before making the field.

The material and workmanship warranties of the fields we make, will be provided in accordance with the specifications. Completing an outdoor astro pitch, takes an average of 21-30 days depending on the field size, excluding the infra-structure. In case of any possible faults and deficiencies which may occur after the delivery of work, we quickly dispatch our teams to the field and solve the problem.

FIFA Quality Sizes

Minimum: 45m
Maximum: 90m

Minimum: 90m
Maximum: 120m

FIFA Quality Pro Sizes

Minimum: 64m
Maximum: 75m

Minimum: 100m
Maximum: 110m

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